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Asset and Income Protection

What If Your Income Stopped Tomorrow?

Disability and death are not fun topics of conversation, but risk management is a critical element of your plan. "Rules-of-thumb" about the amount and type of coverage are rarely the best answer. Every scenario is unique. Do you need to purchase coverage, or do you have enough assets to self-insure? How long do you need the coverage? Our consultative process can help you ask the right questions. Then we use computer software to provide you with detailed answers and an appropriate plan of action.

Many people purchase disability or life insurance, cross it off their to-do list, and never revisit the topic. If you already own a policy, we can help you determine if it is a good fit. Plans and goals change and what was true in the past may no longer be accurate.

Regardless of where you are in the insurance planning process, you may want an experienced advisor to guide you. Colin Murray is a Chartered Life Underwriter® designee - a financial designation for advanced insurance and estate planning. Schedule an initial 30 minute consultation - without cost or obligation - to get started.

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