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The Benefits of Working with a Financial Consultant

A true financial consultant is much more than an investment manager. Our holistic approach adds value to the lives of our clients in numerous ways.

Consistent Saving & Investing

  • Take advantage of dollar cost averaging and compound interest
  • Maximize retirement contributions and rate of return on "safe" money

Big Picture Planning

  • View money as a tool to improve your life
  • Focus on a financial future with a plan on paper
  • Reduce risks/interruptions
  • Track progress in planning

Managing Expectations & Behavior

  • Avoid mistakes based on emotions
  • Stick to the plan/avoid market timing
  • Keep a long-term perspective
  • Block out financial media and other "noise"

Asset Allocation

  • Review risk and efficiency of overall portfolio
  • Evaluate strategies for downside protection
  • Analyze asset location for tax-smart planning
  • Diversify and rebalance all accounts

Portfolio Management

  • Utilize both growth and protection-oriented investments
  • Implement academically researched strategies
  • Combine active and passive management

Managing Cost & Fees

  • Perform fee audit on all investment accounts
  • Focus on low-cost, tax efficient investments
  • Review financial expenses (insurance, debt, legal, CPA)