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How We Are Compensated

Rates are Based on the Model You Select: Planner, Investor, or Situational

Regardless of the model you’re interested in, the initial 15 minute consultation is always at our expense and without obligation.

The Planner Model

The Planner Model

Planner Clients want to address their questions, reduce financial anxiety, and decrease complexity so that they can focus on what matters most in life. Planner Clients partner with us, initially and over time, to manage and maintain their financial life plan through ongoing communication and collaboration that reflects changes in their life, planning strategies, the laws and the investment markets.

The Financial Life Review is the initial process that covers a customized review of your financial situation, goals, and needs, and provides specific recommendations. Typically $1,500 depending on complexity. 

Annual Update Meetings provide ongoing review, advice and management of financial strategies. Typically $1,000 depending on complexity.

All Planner Client fees are waived for Investor Clients with household account balances over $150,000.

The Investor Model

The Investor Model

Investor Clients see the value in partnering with an experienced advisor to design, implement and manage an investment strategy, including investment research, analysis, and selection. Investor clients receive ongoing investment counseling and experience support and communication as it relates to investment management.

Investment Management fee tiers range from 0.25% to 1.5% (annual) based on account balance. Depending on the structure, there may be an additional platform or program fee. Minimum is $50,000 per account.

The Situational Model

The Situational Model

Situational Clients work with us on a limited basis to seek guidance on the most appropriate solutions for their circumstances and goals. Ongoing service and support is provided as it relates only to the work performed. Additional services, outside of scope of work defined, will be determined separately, as requested or recommended.

Projects can include:

• Investing strategy (one-time)
• Life insurance
• Long Term Care
• Disability protection

Services may be fee or commission based, depending on the solution provided. Minimum fees are $1,000 per project. Financial advice may be provided on a one-time hourly basis, at the rate of $275 per hour (4 hour minimum).