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How We Invest Your Money

In our experience, successful investing is goal-focused and planning-driven. While we tailor each portfolio to your goals and values, we find that most people are looking for one thing from their investment portfolio: Protect and grow their hard-earned savings.

We seek to accomplish this by balancing growth-oriented investments with protection-oriented investments.

Growth-Oriented Investments

Our portfolios include use index funds and factor funds. Index funds seek to copy the performance of a given index; factor funds seek to buy stocks with specific characteristics (like strong companies at a good value).

Protection-Oriented Investments

Investments like fixed income, alternatives, and trend-following generally seek to do something different – particularly during periods when stocks may struggle – without sacrificing growth.

Interested in More Details?

If you want more details on our investment approach, you can download this How We Invest Your Money brochure.