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What To Expect When We Talk

During our initial meeting or conversation, we will get a sense of where you are today and where you want to be in the future. "Big Picture" financial consulting is the foundation of our process, but if you have an immediate need or concern, we will certainly focus on that. Basically, the first 15 minute conversation is a friendly introduction where we both decide if it makes sense to meet again and potentially work together. We hope you will have questions for us too! 

In subsequent meetings, we will cover the following:

GOALS AND VALUES – We want to help you use your money to make your life better. We will help you establish and prioritize your needs, wants, and concerns - and then focus on the financial aspects.

PROTECTION  – We will also help you identify possible interruptions to reaching your goals. What steps have you taken to make sure these risks can’t de-rail your plan? Do you have enough assets to self-insure, or should you transfer some of the risk to insurance companies? Which risks cannot be insured? Would your beneficiaries feel your estate is in good order if you died tomorrow? How are you protecting your investments in the event of a market downturn?

CASH FLOW – Income is the lifeblood of a plan. We will review your net cash flow (income – expenses) and help you establish or improve your budget. Can expenses be reduced? If you’re still earning a paycheck, are you directing enough of your income toward your goals? If you’re retired, are your basic expenses covered by guaranteed income? Are you spending too much? Not enough?

BALANCE SHEET – Your balance sheet is a snapshot of your current financial picture (what you own minus what you owe). We will help you figure out if you’re on track to reach your goals. If you’re not on track, what adjustments should you consider? 

Some other questions we address:

  • Does your asset allocation match your goals? Are you taking too much risk? 
  • Are you taking advantage of tax-smart planning? 
  • Do you have enough liquidity to cover emergencies and short-term goals?
  • Are you paying too much interest on loans? Should you pay down debt or invest?